terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

Secret santa


  Secret Santa

       In the darkness of the night, a centipede grabed a little beetle and was  taking him. The little beetle argued while he tried to escape:
  -You promised you wouldn’t attack a
little  beetle because you would prefer to eat a bat.
     The centipede didn’t loose the beetle. She answered:
     -Yes. I prefer eat a bat. But I am taking you because I need to give a Secret Santa  gift !
     In desperation, the little beetle asked :
     -Who are your Secret Santa?
     The centipede  said while she held her victim:
      -If  it is  secret, how may I reveal it ?)

    Texto: Osmar Batista Leal

  A versão em português desta fábula está no livro "Cidade das pulgas"

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