terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2011

A formiga esclarecida


     (The intellectual  ant

      The anteater met a single ant carrying a large piece of leaf and said:
      -I would like to show you how much I am a good anteater. I won’t eat you but I will help you carry the piece of leaf to your anthill.
      But the ant knew what the anteater really wanted. And so she lied:
       -I am not going to the anthill but I am escaping because I stole from my colony this piece of leaf. If you want help me, stay here and eat all the army ants that is pursuing me.
       The anteater liked the idea. The ant run while he prepared his long narrow snout to wait the another ants. )

     Texto: Osmar Batista Leal

Versão em português no livro "CIDADE DAS PULGAS" . Editora CRV


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