sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011

O bicho da goiaba

        The worm of the guava

     The girl opened the refrigerator and she caught a guava. But when she went to bite the fruit for the third time, she met the worm. And then she threw the guava and the worm together through the window of her house…
      On the street, the boy that went to the school with a problem went struck  by the solution. The lost guava reached his forehead, it slid on the face and  felt. But the worm of the guava entered in the nose of the boy.
       The boy drew out the worm of his nose, he look at the small creature and  said:
-You saved me of my teacher !  I needed to take a little
 animal to contribute with the school science fair and I was taking nothing )
   Texto: Osmar Batista Leal

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