sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2011

Happy Christmas

     A mouse ran under the table,  got a bran of panettone with his teeth, but stayed arrested in a mousetrap.
     Another mouse appeared and heard the  mouse that was in agony:
-I only wanted to take this savory gift Christmas for my little
While  the mouse said his last words , he let the  bran of
panettone fall on the floor. The other mouse got the bran and said:
      -I can’t free you from the mousetrap, my friend, but I will take this savory bran of panettone with me and if I meet your little children … I will wish them  happy Christmas.) 

    Texto: Osmar Batista Leal

    A versão em português desta fábula está no livro "Cidade das pulgas".

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